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YALLABHiCHJCfcYA *TE"ffPLB3 AT GOKUL.                                 2$1
tnary* The temple is then clo^i, but the night is spent in worship. In the
moramg die packets are examined. Should any of the packets Bare increased
in weight^ that particular article of produce will yield a good harvest; and
should they decrease, the harvest will be proportionately scanty.
As has already been mentioned, none of the buildings present a very im-
posing appearance. The three oldest, dedicated respectively to Grokttlnaitij
Madan Mohan, and Bitthalniith, nre ascribed to the year 1511 A.D. The last
named, which is Bear the Jasodti Ghat, has a small but ricHy decorated quad-
rangle with bold "brackets carved into the form of elephants and swans. It is
quite uncared for and Is rapidly falling into irreparable ruin. The most notable
of the remainder are Dwaraka N&th, dating from 1546 AJ).« Balkrishan, from
1636, with an annual income of Rs. 4,420; Navanit Friya, or Ban Ji, the
Inner r.arae being that of the Gos:tm, whose grandson, Griiidhari Ji, is now in
possession, -with an income of Rs. £>.3$2 ; Braj Ram. under Gosain Goknl Xath
Ji, a descendant of Bktlialn;kii's younger son, Ghan Sv&m, -with an income
of Rs. 10,i350; Sri Chandra.i.a, with Bs. 4,050, and Xavaait Lai, Natwar,
Mathures, Gopal Lai, and Brajeswar ; all of these being quite modern. There
are also two shrines in honour of MahadeYa, built by Bijay Sinh, Btija of Jodh-
pnr, in 1602, Ike principal melas are the Janm AshtamI, Krishna's birthday,
in Bh&don. and Annkiit on the day after the new moon of E&rtik. The Trixta-
vart mela is also heid3 Kanik bad! 4th? when paper figures of the demon are
first paraded and then torn to pieces. The principal g*te of the town is thai
called the Gandipara Darvraza. It is of stone "with two comer tturetSj but has
never "been completely finished. From It a road, about half a mile or so in
length, runs between some very fine tamarind trecs^ which seem specially to affect
the soil in this neighbourhood, down to Grandfipnra on the Imalc of the river,
where is a baoli and a large house built by Manohar Lai, a Bhat&a, now f Mrsonal
assistant at the Rewa Court. Below it is Bailabh gMts with Koiia immediately
opposite on the right bank of the stream. This road is much frequented by
pilgrims la the rains, and I had caused it to be wideaed and straightened, and
the trustees of the Goktdnaih temple had promised to metal it; "but probably
this has not been done.
One small speciality of Ooknl Is the manufacture of silver toys and orna-
ments—figures of peacocks, cows3 and other animals and devices—which are
principally purchased as souvenirs by pilgrims. The designs are very conven-
tional, and the work roughly finished; but some Ettle taste is often displayed*
and when better models are supplied, they are copied with much readiness
ingenuity.   The articles being of {rare silver are sold for their weight in rupees